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iLOQ Ltd has today announced that it will acquire the shares of Oulu-based Kodinportti / IT-Salonen Ltd. Through the acquisition, iLOQ, a pioneer in digital access management, will further strengthen its programming capabilities.

iLOQ acquires Kodinportti / IT-Salonen Ltd's share capital

Under the trade name DreamIt, IT-Salonen specializes in providing a wide range of IT services and various cyber services, and also develops software products.

Kodinportti is a digital user interface for residential and commercial properties. The residents list, the noticeboard, and the reservations lists for common areas of an apartment building are replaced by a single touch-screen panel, and a remote interface that can be used with a computer or mobile phone’s internet browser.

Over time, all of DreamIt’s Oulu-based employees will move to iLOQ’s product development team in the company’s headquarters in Oulu. DreamIT also has employees in Tampere and Helsinki.

“The acquisition will strengthen iLOQ’s digital competence and competitiveness. By bringing DreamIt’s expertise to us, we will be able to develop new features for the iLOQ HOME access management system,” explains
Heikki Hiltunen, President and CEO of iLOQ.

“By combining iLOQ and DreamIt’s Kodinportti technologies and expertise into the iLOQ HOME concept, we can deliver significant added value and new opportunities for end customers. This continues the story of a decade-long cooperation between Kodinportti and iLOQ,”
states DreamIT CEO, Teemu Salonen.

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