HPE on Tuesday announced new data services for its GreenLake platform and debuted its new Alletra portfolio of cloud-native data infrastructure. GreenLake is the hub of HPE’s effort to offer every product it has as a service and serves as the model for how managed services spread across much of the HPE portfolio of offerings.

GreenLake takes many of HPE’s software and hardware offerings and combines them with HPE financing to produce a bundle of capabilities that can be paid for on a consumption basis, as a managed service. 

As for the new GreenLake capabilities, HPE is introducing the Data Services Cloud Console, new cloud data services, and HPE Alletra infrastructure portfolio. Together, HPE said then new features bring cloud operational agility and streamline data management for customers.

The new Data Services Cloud Console is based technology that underpins Aruba Central and is designed to offer a unified API for HPE-led automation for applications,  as well as partner-led and custom-built data services. HPE said the console gives developers access to infrastructure and data as code.

On that same front, HPE’s new Data Ops Manager aims to provide data infrastructure management from anywhere, as well as an application-centric approach intent-based provisioning.

The Alletra portfolio is managed natively by the Data Services Cloud Console and features a series of workload-optimized systems consisting of All-NVMe HPE Alletra 9000 and 6000 systems for architectural flexibility, HPE said.

“HPE is changing the storage game by bringing a full cloud operational model to our customers’ onpremises environments,” said Tom Black, SVP and GM, HPE Storage. “Bringing the cloud operational model to where data lives accelerates digital transformation, streamlines data management, and will help our customers innovate faster than ever before.”

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