HP announced the release of a new slate of PCs built for the growing number of people splitting time between home and the office. 

The headlining EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One has both 23.8-inch and 27-inch versions that come with a dual-facing 5MP camera, 11th Gen Intel Core processor, and AI-based noise reduction filters.

The camera has auto scene detection which automatically adjusts depending on the time of day, and the popup webcam allows for a wide field of view. 

With HP Dynamic Voice Leveling, the PC changes the volume automatically based on where you are in relation to the microphone. The PC also leverages an AI-based technology that allows it to tune audio to speech, music, and movies while suppressing background noise. There is even a way to keep the PC’s fans running as quiet as possible. 

The EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One locks when you walk away from the screen and the HP Patch Assistant allows for software updates to be automated by an IT team.  

Along with the EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One, the company unveiled the EliteDesk 800 G8 Series PCs, all of which are part of an effort to enable “meaningful collaboration experiences and optimal productivity in new work environments,” according to Andy Rhodes, global head of commercial systems and display solutions at HP.

The PCs will be available in select countries starting in May 2021. 

The company conducted a survey at the end of 2020, finding that at least 32% of office employees will continue working from home through 2021 while 26% said they would work both from home and the office throughout the week. 

“The pandemic has given us a fresh perspective on not only the importance of the PC, but better insight into how we collaborate, stay connected, and elevate the way we work at home and in the office,” Rhodes said in a statement. 

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