After you add the automatic supports using the settings above, Simplify3D also gives you complete control to customize the supports. While Simplify3D does a great job of automatically placing supports, you may occasionally want to add more or less support in certain areas. You can add supports in areas that you think are extra prone to failure, or remove supports in areas that you think have too much support to begin with. Read this article to learn about modifying supports.

While supports aren’t required for every part, they have a huge impact on the success of certain prints. Understanding how to do an overhang test and generate support structures in Simplify3D will help you create high-quality prints that are limited only by your imagination — never gravity.

Now that you’ve learned a quick way to automatically place supports, grow your 3D printing skills by exploring our in-depth articles. We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics on everything from the basics of bed-leveling to printing with multiple extruders in Simplify3D.




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