AI-based solutions are increasingly leading to more efficiency and impact when it comes to consumer engagement on social platforms. With consistent communication and relevant conversations, AI solutions are enabling the building of stronger communities and increased positivity across platforms.

Lifestyle, an Aditya Birla brand invested in AI-based social media management solution which has helped the brand seamlessly engage with the brand.

“Lifestyle is a leading destination for the latest trends. With consumers spanning across the country, our social media team is continuously engaging with consumers responding to queries and building conversations. A lot of these queries appear on our social media posts in the form of comments. These comments range from feedback, queries to comments that can range from positive to negative. Given the nature of social media, it is very difficult for a team to manually track, monitor and respond in real-time. Hence, we needed an innovative solution to automate the process and boost social engagement. We needed real-time comment analysis, automated actions to FAQs along with a capability to bifurcate between positive comments and problematic ones while flagging them as well,” said Srinivas Rao, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Lifestyle.

Lifestyle wanted to manage the traffic on its social media platforms hence was in need of a solution that puts things into automation. Using conversational AI has been a turning point in terms of building customer engagement.

“We now use a comment moderation solution which offers us an opportunity to empower our social media team with instantaneous, 24/7 moderation. The solution offers us the choice of prioritized recommendations for our social media team to act upon or take automated actions instantly. This includes liking positive comments, posting public replies to FAQs and tagging comments for customer support issues among others,” Rao further explained.
Rao feels that the data gathering is more structured now, and the analysis helps the business streamline offerings based on consumer feedback.

Integration of’s AI-based solution for social media has led Lifestyle’s social moderation to be significantly automated on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from enabling and helping build a stronger and close-knit community with consistent engagement, real-time comment analysis has also enabled us to build a positive ecosystem across platforms.

“We believe this type of solution is revolutionary and will redefine how brands will engage with consumers in the near future. With increasing internet penetration and smartphone access, social media interactions are inevitable and so is the need for an automated solution that can automate these valuable interactions ultimately strengthening brand loyalty,” he added.

With this AI based solution, Lifestyle was also able to automate its messenger experience on Facebook. This has helped the brand in guiding users to a Lifestyle Store located nearest to them or to shop on the Lifestyle apps and website.

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