A car’s headlights grow yellow or cloudy over time due to the breakdown of the protective layer on the lens. That contamination can cause your headlights to be dimmer—and therefore less safe. One way to clean them up is by using headlight cleaning kits, which have been around for decades. They remove the yellow, damaged layer and replace it with a new—albeit temporary—protective coating. The long-term solution is to replace the entire headlight housing, which can be expensive. You might also have fogging on the inside of the lens, which usually means you have a leak that won’t scrub clean with these cleaners.

So for a quick, short-term fix to make your headlights bright and safe again, check out these top-rated headlight cleaning kits from Amazon. They might help you (and others) see better in the dark.

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Headlight Cleaner Wipes

These wipes from Armor All are worth trying if your headlights are just barely fogged up. Scrub with the Oxidation Removal Wipes, and then wipe with the UV Sealant Wipe to keep it shiny. Reviews are a bit mixed, so we only recommend these for a quick clean on some slightly foggy lenses. Anything more, and you’ll want one of the kits below.

Headlight Restoration Kit

This kit from Sylvania comes with more items and steps—but does a more thorough job of cleaning the lenses than just wipes, if you’ve got the arm for it. The kit cleans and restores headlights with a cleaner, various sandpapers, and a clear-coat application.

Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

This kit from Turtle Wax is similar to the Sylvania kit and includes some presoaked wipes for convenience. Make sure to follow the instructions to a T, as reviews have warned that the sanding procedure can be a bit tricky. 

Headlight Restorer Compound

With this bottle of headlight restoration compound, you just need a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease. Apply dots of the stuff to the cloth and vigorously scrub over the headlight until clear. Wipe off with a separate cloth and check the clarity—it might take a few applications to get it fully clear. Chemical Guys claims that using sandpaper is just optional. 

Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit

This kit from Cerakote comes with everything you need for a complete, toolless headlight restoration. The kit comes with wipes and a handy, ergonomic surface prep pad and disks to remove any deep oxidation, without needing to use a drill. Apply the final ceramic coating and you’re done.

Headlight Lens Restoration System

This kit from 3M is similar to the Cerakote kit, but requires an actual drill to use the sandpaper. All it takes is some polishing with the included sanding disks and your drill of choice. Then buff the final rubbing compound on the lens with the sponge and enjoy the new look.

Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

For those who plan on cleaning multiple headlights, this professional kit from OPT7 is a good way to go. This five-stage cleaning process utilizes a ceramic coating to protect the lens after cleaning. You will need a drill for this kit, as well. If you’re a detailer, this might be a great choice for your cleaning inventory.

Full Headlight Restoration Kit

And finally, if you’re really serious about restoring headlights, this full kit has everything you could ever need. Included are two polishing drills, various pads, wipes, bottles of cleaner and polish, and sanding pads. The carrying bags are pretty sweet, too. 3M claims the kit can restore up to 25 headlights.

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