Clean energy which reaches consumers as it is being produced – that is the idea behind Juice Power. You can get certificates for ecologically generated electricity from many electricity companies. But the electricity is only actually green when it is supplied to the grid in parallel with consumption.

Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG, pursued this idea when he founded the independent association Eros Electric together with Jörg Huwyler, Head of Hydropower and Biomass at Axpo, in 2016. With a sub-participation in two conventional hydroelectric power stations, Frisal and Eglisau, Eros Electric has supplied its members with clean energy for their electric vehicles around the clock since then. It was clear from the beginning that demand was high: the association had reached 700 members not long after it was founded. Now, Eros Electric is merging to form Juice Power AG.

Christoph Erni explains: “The demand for electricity from demonstrably green production is growing unabated among drivers of electric vehicles. If we want green charging for our cars in real time, we have to rely on controllable green power sources such as hydropower.”

Always guaranteed green electricity in the battery – no matter where you charge
For Erni, the inclusion of electricity generation is just the next logical step in the development of e-mobility: “We always say: ‘Sustainable mobility begins with sustainable charging infrastructure.’ But that’s just the start. That’s why we’re going one step further. The electric car, the charging station and the electricity for the vehicle’s battery must be considered as inseparable components of an overall concept. Only when everything is generated and run with no emissions to the greatest extent possible from start to finish is electromobility as a whole more environmentally friendly.”

Juice, therefore, wants not only to continue expanding engagement with the company and the products, but also to actively promote environmentally friendly electricity generation. The ideal it is striving for is electricity from renewable energy sources which is generated simultaneously with the charging process. In the near future, this is best achieved with hydropower.

Ecological action doesn’t end with the absence of an exhaust
Juice’s commitment began with planting trees in order to offset CO2 from the production and transportation of charging stations. It now continues with the production of as much green electricity as you need as the driver of an electric vehicle. Every trip should therefore be CO2 neutral. Even people who already purchase green electricity can thus additionally overcompensate for their ecological footprint.

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