The SILK® Pro series of modules includes three new colour versions: Silver, Orange and Red, for maximum architectural versatility.

FuturaSun has once again expanded its range of solar panels to include three new coloured versions of its most successful line, SILK® Pro, a monocrystalline panel with 120 PREC multi-busbar, half-cut cells, specially designed for the most demanding architectural solutions.

Until now, FuturaSun has offered the SILK® Pro All Black panel for photovoltaic installations on facades or exposed roofs, an extremely well-designed and high-tech solution.

Always keeping pace with the needs of prestigious architecture, FuturaSun now offers new coloured versions of the standard SILK® Pro panels, based on monocrystalline half-cut multi busbar cell technology, in silver, orange and red.

The panels are made up of two independent sections so that they ensure more power in case of partial shading and thanks to the excellent temperature coefficient, they produce high yields even at high operating temperatures.

They are well suited for conservative buildings, for renovations that need to be installed on traditional roofs with tiles and brick tiles, or for use flanking historic architecture in town centres, where it is necessary to ensure overall harmony.  Furthermore, they are ideal for use on pitched roofs, but also for compositions on facade elements in innovative contexts, also in terms of light and colour.

SILK® Pro Silver panels are modules that combine all SILK® Pro technology with a light silver metallized glass sheet. The frame is available in both aluminium and black, or in other colours on request. The silver-coloured modules are available from 280 up to 295 Wp, in standard sizes 1038x1755x35 mm.

SILK® Pro Orange panels are available from 240 Wp up to 255 Wp and SILK® Pro Red panels offer power outputs ranging from 230 Wp up to 245 Wp, in standard sizes of 1038x1755x35 mm. It is possible to customise the frame colour in this instance as well.

The product warranty is 15 years, while the performance warranty is 25 years.


About FuturaSun

The Italian company FuturaSun was established in 2008 by a team of managers from Italy’s photovoltaic hub, in the heart of Veneto. The company is specialised in the manufacturing of high-performance photovoltaic panels which have passed the most stringent tests to achieve prestigious certifications issued by laboratories from all over the world. FuturaSun’s photovoltaic panel manufacturing plants in Taizhou/China generate a total production capacity of 1 GW/year.

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Press release provided by FuturaSun. Photo credit: FuturaSun.

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