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Energy management means the continuous monitoring, storage and evaluation of energy measurement data, thereby increasing the transparency of energy consumption and energy costs at all measurement levels. Only with a detailed overview of the energy consumers, the use of energy can be designed in a demandoriented and efficient manner and thus, for example, offering optimisation potentials.

Energy meter RL 9405 From Dold - Efficient energy management

The energy meter RL 9405 of the VARIMETER PRO series is used to measure electrical parameters and energy consumption in 3-phase mains with neutral conductor. Voltages and currents are measured and evaluated continuously. A separate auxiliary voltage is not required. The device provides up to 50 characteristic values of the energy supply and that with a compact width of only 35 mm.

The RL 9405 determines all energy consumptions and enables a breakdown by cause. The energy meter RL 9405 is predestined for use in manufacturing processes and IT data centres, to detect energy saving potentials and is especially suitable for the fulfilment of energy audits (DIN EN 16247-1) or energy management (ISO 50001).

The galvanically separated Modbus RTU interface offers flexible options for processing information directly via a gateway or a higher-level control system (PLC) and passing it on via standardised interfaces.

Advantages and customer benefits

  • Can also be used in cramped spaces as it is only 35 mm wide
  • Wide operating voltage range of 3/N AC 85 – 276 V / 150 – 480 V
  • Can be used without separate auxiliary voltage
  • Continuous scanning of voltage and currents in 3-phase mains with earthed neutral conductor (TN, TT systems), can also be used in single-phase mains
  • Up to 50 measured values can be recorded and evaluated
  • Central parameterisation, evaluation and diagnosis via Modbus RTU

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