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Developed for professional use: voice INTER connect presents its innovative solutions and services for intercom, voice control and signal processing at Embedded World (June 21-23, Nuremberg exhibition).

embedded world: New modules for communicating and controlling via voice

The new vicCOM module series is suitable for a wide range of operating and communication applications and is available for GSM, 2-wire bus and IP-based data transmission.

The vicCOM module family for individual communication devices based on GSM, 2-wire bus and IP data transmission introduces its newest member. The voice control solution vicCONTROL industrial, available in over 30 languages, is now equipped with speech synthesis. And the newly developed vicDIVA evaluation kit for multi-channel acquisition creates the best conditions for robust speech processing and transmission.

vicCOM GSM 2: New intercom module supporting LTE and GSM-R
The vicCOM intercom module series is characterized by its crystal-clear voice quality and can be integrated quickly and easily into individual communication devices thanks to flexible interfaces and configuration via web interface. At this year’s Embedded World, voice INTER connect presents the new vicCOM GSM 2 module as a supplement to the existing solutions for IP and 2-wire bus data transmission. It supports LTE and a separate version for railroad applications corresponding to the GSM-R standard will also be available. Compared to its predecessor, vicCOM GSM 2 now includes two SIM card slots as well as four directly connectable call buttons, which can, among other things, reactivate the module from sleep mode. These features, in conjunction with the onboard charge controller, enable extremely power-saving and self-sufficient intercom solutions.

vicCONTROL industrial: Voice control with text-to-speech and more languages
Also on display in a brand-new version: the embedded voice control solution vicCONTROL, available in over 30 national languages – ranging from the Benelux languages to Norwegian and Swedish, and the newly added languages Gulf Arabic and Sichuanese Mandarin. The voice control module is easy to implement and set up, and uses Natural Language Understanding and state-of-the-art AI-based semantic analysis. Voice output of status messages is now made possible through the text-to-speech feature, which allows any text to be read out without having to pre-record audio prompts or update them later. Thanks to local speech processing, vicCONTROL industrial does not require an Internet connection and meets the highest standards of security and data protection.

vicDIVA: Evaluation kit for speech detection with automatic localization
Until now, a major challenge for speech user interfaces has been reliable speaker recognition in the presence of loud background noises. This is exactly what the voice INTER connect toolbox manages to achieve thanks to extensive algorithms for speech detection, beamforming and noise suppression. It was developed to meet the highest demands on quality and reliability, and the latest version enables automatic speaker localization. The corresponding vicDIVA evaluation kit is available now.

Partner for Intercom, Voice Control and Signal Processing
voice INTER connect offers comprehensive and platform-independent services for the design and development of individual intercom applications, voice control and signal processing solutions. This includes acoustic measurement and parametrisation services as well as support in both design and component selection up to app development for the control of machines and systems. Customers of the Dresden-based company benefit from over 20 years of experience and an interdisciplinary team of hardware and software developers, voice processing specialists and acousticians.

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