DSD Renewables (DSD) has partnered with Earthlight Technologies to develop a 1.1-MW ground-mount solar system at a large commercial property owned by Mark Greenberg Real Estate (MGRE) in Farmington, Connecticut. The solar system is expected to be operational in early 2022.

Earthlight, who initiated the project with repeat customer MGRE, turned to DSD for access to competitive financing and long-term asset ownership. By joining DSD’s Developer Network, Earthlight gained the resources it needed to move the project forward, including real-time pricing tools, standardized documents and marketing materials, and others, all readily available through the DSD Connect platform.

“DSD helped make this project possible by providing a great financing solution for MGRE. The entire project would not have been possible without DSD’s expertise and assistance,” says Eric Virkler, Director of Commercial Solar and Storage at Earthlight. “MGRE is a valued client and our partnership with DSD provides us with the resources to deliver even more value to MGRE as we continue our relationship.”

“Our firm has reaped the benefits of working with Earthlight time and again,” says MGRE Founder Mark Greenberg. “This particular project came with its share of challenges, and Earthlight’s ability to partner with DSD made all the difference. Once the project is complete, our tenant will benefit from access to clean, renewable energy.”

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