Doral Renewables LLC has acquired Brenneman Solar Project from AVANGRID Inc. The project is a nominal 150 MW AC utility-scale solar photovoltaic development project in Macon County, Ga.

The project, s located in the Southeastern Electric Reliability Council (SERC) energy market, has secured almost 1,600 acres under long term leases with local landowners and has a signed interconnection agreement with Georgia Power.

“Brenneman is Doral’s first project outside PJM and MISO. We are excited to expand our footprint and diversify our geographical and market exposure,” says Ignacio Ibarguren, vice president of M&A and finance at Doral. “Going forward, Doral aims to further expand its presence outside its ‘home markets’ through organic growth and/or acquisition of solar, wind, and storage development projects in ERCOT, CAISO and the Northeast.”

“Doral is thrilled to finish the work started by Avangrid by constructing and operating the Brenneman project,” states Jon Baker, director of project and business development at Doral. “When completed, the project will provide important income stability and diversification to the local farming community. Additionally, the project will benefit all residents through $3 million in direct payments to Macon County in the first 10 years operations, without requiring any additional services from the County. During construction, the project will pay tens of millions in wages and other local purchases.”

Image: Photo by Derek Sutton on Unsplash

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