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The release of the new Optyma condensing units and MTZ/NTZ compressors—following the qualification of valves and line components in 2020—means Danfoss has the widest portfolio of A2L-ready refrigeration solutions compatible with R1234yf, R454C, and R455A refrigerants.

Danfoss multi-refrigerant, A2L-ready condensing units for ultra-low GWP installations

With increasingly strict requirements to lower the Global Warming Potential (GWP) level of refrigeration systems, cooling professionals have an opportunity to start the green transition today by switching to A2L refrigerants with a GWP level below 150.

And because change takes time, Danfoss will guide you through the refrigerant transition with frontline knowledge of growing requirements—and provide the products that are A2L-compliant and safe to install.

The perks of being A2L-ready: preparing for the next high-GWP HFC phase-down
The transition to ultra-low GWP refrigerants is just on the horizon, with the next high-GWP HFC phase-down step coming at the end of 2021 with a 55% reduction versus the 2015 baseline.

A2L refrigerants offer cooling professionals a cost-effective option that maintains a conventional system design while significantly minimizing the GWP level. In practice, a refrigerant like R1234yf offers a 99% reduction in GWP compared with A1 refrigerant R134a—achieving that result without any added complexity.

Our comprehensive range of A2L-ready condensing units, compressors, and components ensures that we are prepared for the green transition when you are.

Optimized cooling for the future: the new Danfoss Optyma condensing units
The new Danfoss Optyma Slim Pack and Optyma Plus multi-refrigerant condensing units feature a future-proof design compatible with both A1 and A2L refrigerants—all in a single unit. You get the same highly serviceable units you know and love, designed to operate with A2L refrigerants safely and without complexity:

“A2L refrigerants are environmentally-friendly solutions that meet increasingly tough restrictions—but do require specific safety testing and design due to their mild flammability. The new Optyma condensing units have been ignition-proof tested in independent laboratories and designed with risk-mitigation precautions, such as a sealed electrical box, holes, and louvers to ensure the refrigerant’s dilution—giving installers peace of mind,” says Rogerio Salhab Federici, Head of System Solutions at Danfoss Climate Solutions.

Featuring a high energy-performance ratio, the updated Optyma condensing units enable you to gain higher energy efficiency while reducing energy consumption and indirect emissions. This powerful combination translates into an economically viable solution that you can implement today—backed by our complete portfolio of A2L-ready components.

Multi-refrigerant, A2L-ready compressors
Complementing the new condensing units, light commercial and commercial compressors are A2L-ready. The well-known MTZ and NTZ reciprocating compressors—for mid and low-temperature applications respectively—are now qualified for use with R454C and R455A refrigerants and come in a multi-refrigerant setup.

Plus, the scroll version will be A2L-ready by Q3 2021—giving you a complete range of compressor solutions compatible with ultra-low GWP refrigerants.

Let’s work together on the green transition
From training courses hosted by official partners to practical, handy tools, such as Coolselector2® and Ref Tools, we’re committed to helping you make the switch to A2L refrigerants at your own pace.


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