European solar module manufacturer SoliTek has signed a cooperation agreement with Convalt PowerGen, the company behind the new module assembly facility setting up in upstate New York. Convalt, which acquired its manufacturing equipment from the former SolarWorld/SunPower plant in Oregon, will allot 15 MW of its planned 700-MW facility to produce SoliTek panels for the U.S. market, beginning in Q2 2022.

“The U.S. is looking for partners in Europe as an alternative to Chinese production, and we are an interesting and promising partner for the U.S. market because we can offer exceptional quality. Our modules are produced according to the highest environmental and energy saving standards, no environmentally hazardous materials are used in their production process and they are fully recyclable after a 30-year warranty period,” said SoliTek’s head Julius Sakalauskas.

SoliTek has a manufacturing site in Lithuania and primarily exports its panels throughout the Scandinavian region. The company said that its sales in Sweden rose by 25% this summer, and exports to Norway rose by almost 13%. Having seen growing demand, SoliTek plans to increase its European production capacity from 100 MW to 170 MW next year. The company specializes in bifacial modules.

Cooperation agreements with Convalt include not only the export of SoliTek products to the U.S. market, but also the possibility for SoliTek to buy semiconductors and solar cells in the United States. No additional information was announced on where those U.S. solar cells would come from.

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