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The SAUTER eValveco system is used for dynamic hydronic balancing in the full or partial load ranges and for flow regulation. Systems with the nominal diameters DN65, DN80 and DN100 have been added to the existing product portfolio. The new eValveco valves with flange connection feature a Bluetooth interface for commissioning and maintenance via smartphone.


Balancing temperature and energy
Hydronic balancing is obligatory for fault-free and energy-optimised heating or cooling. Pressure-independent control valves (PICVs) ensure precise and efficient energy use. SAUTER’s electronically controlled eValveco PICVs are ready for use with quick and easy planning, installation and commissioning. The desired volume flow or energy consumption can be specified directly with eValveco as a command variable. Demand-based control and system optimisation can be carried out centrally via the building management system.

Application spectrum for large volume flows extended
The eValveco system was developed for the following tasks:

  • automatic, dynamic hydronic balancing
  • volume flow control
  • energy monitoring
The application spectrum for the control of large volume flows has been extended with three new eValveco valves with flange connection and nominal diameters of DN65, DN80 and DN100. Entire floors or building sections can now be precisely supplied with heating or cooling energy.

All new eValveco flow control systems with flange have an integrated Bluetooth interface. This makes it possible to establish a data connection for commissioning and maintenance using the associated smartphone app. All parameters can thus be checked and adjusted directly. The system can be controlled via a 0-10 volt signal, or via a Modbus/RTU or BACnet MS/TP interface.

Optimising energy efficiency and costs with eValveco
Through its precise ultrasonic measurement and control system, the eValveco system provides all the functions it needs to optimise the energy efficiency in buildings. At the same time, it reduces on-site installation and commissioning costs.

The new eValveco flanged flow control systems are available now. Our sales department will be happy to assist you. eValveco Configurator, the associated app, will soon be available for iOS and Android.

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