Neighborhood Sun, a community solar company making solar accessible to everyone through its advanced community solar software platform Sun Engine, today announced a merger with Astral Power, a New York-based provider of access to locally produced clean energy. 

The combined company will operate as Neighborhood Sun with Astral Power’s leadership team joining Neighborhood Sun under CEO Gary Skulnik. Astral Power investors, including co-founder Wilson Chang, will join the board. 

“This merger aligns the synergies of the two organizations and accelerates the deployment of our Sun Engine advanced software platform to new markets,” said Skulnik. “Solar developers and asset owners will benefit from the combined capabilities of the two organizations, including Neighborhood Sun’s powerful customer acquisition and management software platform and the high-quality sales management of Astral Power.”

Joining forces with Astral Power, Neighborhood Sun significantly expands its customer base, enabling broader energy access to customers and communities throughout the United States. 

“Our teams align on mission and our shared purpose of bringing solar to everyone,” said Astral Power president Thom Smith. “We are thrilled to combine our ability to successfully acquire customers with the management capabilities of Neighborhood Sun and the robust Sun Engine platform.”

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