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Carrier’s AquaEdge® 19MV oil-free water-cooled centrifugal chiller was selected as the 2022 Commercial Comfort Product of the Year in the Cooling Equipment category by a panel of independent engineers selected by the editorial staff of Engineered Systems magazine.

Carrier’s AquaEdge 19MV Chiller Wins Prestigious Industry Award for Engineering Excellence in HVAC Technology

The compact and versatile Carrier AquaEdge® 19MV centrifugal chiller targets whole-building energy efficiency, innovatively pushing beyond optimizing IPLV and providing exceptional sound, reliability, and flexible operation to support chilled water plants of today and tomorrow.

Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

The AquaEdge 19MV was unveiled in Dec. 2021 with capacity from 300 to 700 tons (1,055kW – 2,461kW), combining best-in-segment efficiency for design and the ability to operate at severe conditions due to unexpected building operation or extreme weather. It leverages Carrier’s proven EquiDrive™ two-stage back-to-back compressor technology, with magnetic bearings, providing expanded operating range while improving chiller energy efficiency and building resiliency. The AquaEdge 19MV can take full advantage of cold condenser water, chilled water reset and other energy-saving practices to further improve building performance.

“The ability to operate in variable condenser and evaporator systems under a wide range of temperatures make the Carrier 19MV a useful machine for a variety of applications,” “The long-term impact of lower operating costs has to play a key role in selecting equipment for a project,” said one of the Engineered Systems’ judges.

The AquaEdge 19MV provides balanced performance including 10% better than ASHRAE 90.1 2019 path B at both full and part load. This performance, combined with low-lift operation and quick restart times, makes the 19MV well suited for 24/7 applications, like hospitals and data centers.

“In 1922, Willis Carrier invented the first centrifugal chiller, opening the door to large-scale comfort air conditioning, making modern life possible in many ways,” “One hundred years later the 19MV builds on that legacy of innovation by creating a chiller that delivers both additional operating range and efficiency, unconditionally,” said Tom Franaszek, Director, Global Product Management, Water-cooled Chillers, Carrier Commercial HVAC.

The 19MV’s compact footprint fits through double doors (72 inches by 80 inches) without disassembly for easy installation. The movable, intelligent control panel provides easier tracking and analysis of operational data, and the ability to link the control system to a building automation system for remote access to the chiller’s running data. Carrier’s BluEdge™ service platform helps keep the 19MV running efficiently throughout its lifecycle with proactive solutions to reduce unplanned downtime.

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