Canadian Solar Inc., a solar technology and renewable energy company, has executed a strategic partnership and investment with Habitat Energy Ltd., a U.K.-based company that specializes in asset optimization services for battery storage assets that use artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

The partnership will allow Canadian Solar to offer enhanced technology solutions for developers and owners of battery storage assets to capture additional revenue from trading optimization while improving grid stability and contributing to a more efficient power grid.

“The power grid of tomorrow is not only built by renewable energy and battery storage but crucially driven by artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, cloud computing and many more technologies,” says Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “We share Habitat Energy’s belief that making merchant battery storage investable at scale is a vital step towards delivering a low carbon future and the preservation of our habitat for generations to come. Through this partnership, we will continue to de-risk and improve returns for project owners and investors, while contributing to a cleaner and more powerful electric grid for global consumers.”

Habitat Energy optimization services include a trading platform with full route-to-market capabilities for wholesale and balancing markets. Habitat Energy’s proprietary software, PowerIQ, combines algorithmic forecasting and artificial intelligence to maximize asset performance and value. 

Canadian Solar says the partnership will leverage its global scale and reach to provide system solutions and assets with optimization and dispatch services for the storage and solar solutions it provides globally. It also builds on the Habitat Energy platform’s current global rollout and on its established presence in the U.K. and Australia. Canadian Solar also offers its energy storage customers long-term operation and maintenance services including battery capacity augmentation, warranty-wrapped energy capacity and performance guarantees.

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