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An increasing number of RV owners wish to be even more independent of any external energy supply while out on their adventures. To meet this demand, thermal management expert Eberspaecher is developing the new Xellstor product family.


Consisting of so-called Power Units and the Smart Hub control system, Eberspaecher Xellstor will replace camping vehicles’ conventional energy supply in the future – and is thus the ideal system for greater comfort and self-sufficiency while traveling. The powerful Xellstor lithium-ion batteries (Power Units) have a significantly higher storage and performance capacity as well as a longer service life than common gel or AGM batteries. The Power Units can be charged via shore power, generator, or – for maximum independence – solar panels.

Modular design to suit individual needs
Depending on individual needs or applications, the modular Xellstor system consists of one to four Power Units. The required power and available space and weight capacity in the RV are determining factors here. Each Power Unit weighs approximately 20 kg and has an energy storage capacity of 2.1 kWh. This yields a maximum system capacity of 8.4 kWh. Thanks to the modular design comprising the individual Power Units and the Smart Hub, free installation room in the RV can be optimally utilized. Depending on the available space, the modules can be mounted anywhere in the camping vehicle. Xellstor is thus suitable to serve as both an initial assembly and for retrofitting.

Control and status monitoring via the Smart Hub
The Smart Hub is Xellstor’s intelligent control system. It links all installed Power Units as well as connections to the generator, to the power grid or, for example, to solar panels. It also coordinates necessary connections for the individual energy consumers in the RV. The Smart Hub’s intelligent energy management controls optimal charging and discharging of the batteries as well as energy supply prioritization when the charge level decreases. Via the Eberspaecher e-connected app, the user can always keep an eye on the current status of the Power Units. The Xellstor system’s modular design consisting of Power Units and the Smart Hub combines the convenience and ease of use of an all-in-one system with the advantage of maximum flexibility and the individuality of a split system.

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