China-based lithium batteries manufacturer Wisdom Industrial Power Co. Ltd. announces that its BSLBATT Lifepo4 48V batteries have successfully passed the compatibility testing with Victron Energy’s inverter and charger systems complying with BMS-Can specification.

The integration of B-LFP48-100E,  B-LFP48-120E and B-LFP48-200PW BSLBATT  batteries with Victron Energy’s inverter and charger systems is now supported by both companies, which can be used for energy storage systems for off-grid, backup, and energy storage systems.

The outstanding strength of Victron Energy and the positive results of product compatibility testing has promoted the establishment of a closer strategic partnership between the two parties on a global scale, which has strengthened the market network of the two companies.

Bella Chen, European sales director of BSLBATT, said:

“Our mission is to shift energy from fossil fuels to clean energy and create a sustainable modern life. The cooperation with Victron Energy will definitely accelerate the achievement of this goal.”



About Wisdom Industrial Power
Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading company based in China providing energy storage solutions for telecommunication, power utility, UPS and renewable energy industries globally. It owns production bases in Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Vietnam with the global headquarter in Huizhou, China.

BSLBATT® has for many years been designing, developing, and manufacturing high-technology lithium batteries for the lithium industry and specialized applications. BSLBATT lithium products power a range of applications, including solar power solutions, microgrids, home energy storage, golf carts, RVs, marine, industrial batteries, and more.

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About Victron Energy

Victron Energy B.V.  is a Netherland’s based manufacturer of inverter/chargers, and MPPT solar chargers and monitoring for off-grid and on-grid battery systems containing AC-coupled PV or combinations of AC and DC PV.

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Press release provided by Wisdom Industrial Power Co. Ltd. Photo credit: Victron Energy B.V.

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