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Demonstrations and booth presentations covering multiple Bosch Rexroth automation technologies will be featured at ATX West 2022, including mechatronics, linear motion, transport and robotics.

Bosch Rexroth to present complete automation solutions portfolio at ATX West 2022

Bosch Rexroth will showcase one of the industry’s most complete solutions for factory automation, robotics and smart manufacturing at ATX West 2022 on April 12-14 in Anaheim, California.

Located in booth 4400, ATX West attendees will have the opportunity to see how Bosch Rexroth brings together a unique combination of advanced manufacturing hardware, software and engineering to create complete automation solutions that are smart, sophisticated and designed to be more “plug and produce“ than past solutions.

The booth will feature interactive exhibits and several working systems demos, including a Smart Function Kit for Handling 3-axis Cartesian robot, as well as a state-of-the-art linear motor transfer system that moves magnetic pallets with unprecedented speed and accuracy. There will also be a demo of the ctrlX CORE controller, part of the award-winning ctrlX AUTOMATION controls and drive platform that makes automation as easy as using a smartphone.

Booth visitors will be able to consult with Bosch Rexroth’s Industry 4.0 factory automation experts to get strategic approaches and practical advice about how the company’s technology can help them build smarter, more productive manufacturing solutions — and deliver those solutions with maximum speed and minimal complexity.

Key booth demos and highlights include:
MP1000R Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR): Using our ROKIT Locator Software, the MP1000R is able to navigate autonomously in highly dynamic environments without additional infrastructure. The MP1000R is a flexible and scalable solution which can replace manual forklifts and tuggers in manufacturing spaces, leading to improved efficiency and help protect workers from potential injury.

Flexible Transport System (FTS): This working system demonstrates a magnetically propelled pallet transport system for high transfer speeds and precise pallet positioning that allows for independent and synchronized pallet movement, as well as integration into a traditional conveyor system.

Smart Function Kit for Handling: The kiosk includes a presentation that highlights features & benefits of the Smart Function Kit for Handling, combined with a working Cartesian multi-axis system whose configuration output can be created by booth visitors using adjacent Bosch Rexroth eTools software demonstration. The exhibit will present how predefined multi-axis combinations can be easily sized, configured and ordered as one part number. In addition, the Smart Function Kit for Handling software app running on ctrlX allows fast commissioning through auto parameterization of the servo drive.

ctrlX AUTOMATION Cube: This unique four-sided demonstration exhibit showcases the key capabilities of the ctrlX CORE automation controller. The exhibit uses a working ctrlX CORE controller to highlight the system’s connectivity through various automation and IT networks. Along with details about new ctrlX AUTOMATION apps from third-party suppliers, booth visitors will be able to see how the ctrlX CORE communicates with other demos in the booth and be able to program motion sequences for the Smart Function Kit for Handling demo system.

Linear Motion eTools: This booth exhibit and interactive software demonstration will provide details on Bosch Rexroth’s modern eTools for product selection, configuration and ordering. The Linear Motion Designer (LMD) is the calculation program for Rexroth’s profiled rail systems and screw assemblies. It covers the complete range of roller and ball rail systems, as well as ball and planetary screw assemblies for Bosch Rexroth’s Profile Rail Systems. And the LinSelect software allows design engineers to find the optimal linear axes and actuators from around 100,000 possible Rexroth product variants in just five steps.

Nexo Cordless Nutrunner with Operator Guidance: This interactive demo features Bosch Rexroth’s Nexo cordless nutrunner, socket selector and integrated operator guidance software (OGS) to tighten multiple bolts. Visitors will see the key features of the OGS platform in action, such as the ability to import images, build a recipe, and deploy quickly without the need for complex programming or integration.


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