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To create the optimal guest experience at the recently opened Bellyard Hotel, Basesix Systems outfitted the venue with JBL Professional loudspeakers and AMX networked AV systems to deliver high-quality sound and video content via an easy-to-use system.

Bellyard Hotel Delivers High-End Hospitality With Premium Audio and Networked AV by HARMAN Professional

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Located in Atlanta’s historic West Midtown stockyards, the Bellyard Hotel by Marriott is the cornerstone of The Interlock, the city’s newest destination for high-end shopping and culture. Opened in 2021, the boutique hotel offers the highest-quality experience for guests on business or vacation, featuring modern suites, an upscale bar and a French bakery, as well as private spaces for meetings and events. During construction, the hotel’s leadership required guidance regarding the best audio-visual systems in the lobby, bar, conference rooms and outdoor section. To meet the hotel’s modern design and commitment to quality, Basesix Systems installed solutions by JBL Professional and AMX.

“The design was probably 80% complete, but there were several question marks,” said Dan Ford, Systems Director of AV, Basesix Systems. “The consultants looked for our guidance to fill in the blanks: In this conference room, what size should the displays be? Can we put outdoor speakers or displays in this particular area? If there’s none currently in the design, how does that impact the system? We have used HARMAN on very similar projects that we’ve done in the past, so we knew it was a good fit when we started working on the project.”

To distribute clear sound throughout the facility, the Basesix team installed a background music system that controls levels and processing for all communal areas from a central location. While the original design called for a non-JBL Professional brand speaker, Basesix instead recommended JBL Control Series speakers to take advantage of the wide range of models and seamless integration into indoor or outdoor spaces.

The indoor spaces sport a mix of JBL Control 18CT and 24CT ceiling speakers, deployed in different areas depending on ceiling height. In areas with standard ceiling height, Basesix selected the Control 24CT for its broad, 130-degree coverage pattern. Areas with higher ceilings received Control 24CT speakers, which feature a narrower 90-degree cone of coverage. The outdoor area features JBL Control 24CT speakers in addition to wall-mounted Control 25 speakers, which feature a durable, weatherproof design that makes them suitable for all environments.

“We have used many speakers in the past, but we trust the JBL brand because of the quality and durability of the speakers in a never-stopping environment like Bellyard,” added Ford.

Serving as the hub for the hotel’s extensive audio-visual network is the AMX NX-2200 integrated controller. Implementing both analog and digital formats, the NX-2200 can effortlessly process data and automation for both modern and legacy audio-visual technology. Finally, the AMX EXB-COM2 serial interface establishes remote connection to the central head-end rack via Ethernet, enabling staff to control the system from different locations.

To allow staff to easily control the audio and video systems, Basesix deployed AMX MSD-701 and MSD-1001 touch panels throughout the lobby and conference rooms. With an intuitive interface for everything from room scheduling to audio mixing, the touch panels are easy for staff members to utilize at a moment’s notice. The overall result is a powerful yet flexible AV ecosystem that enhances the Bellyard Hotel’s communal spaces and enriches the overall guest experience.

“I have a long-standing relationship with HARMAN, and we have a history of using AMX,” added Ford. “My programmer prefers to program AMX systems because of how easy and reliable they are. If there’s a problem with something that needs to be addressed quickly, AMX is always very quick to respond. We have systems that have been in place for six or seven years now, and they’re still going like a workhorse.”


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