, Atlas Copco’s advanced nitrogen generation solution, offers a guaranteed gas purity from 95% to 99.999%, and is available in flow sizes from 1.9 to 2871 Nm3/h (for a single unit). Since its introduction, the NGP+ has built a reputation of superior performance and low cost of ownership. Its expanded and enhanced midsize range (46-820 Nm3/h) continues this tradition to offer even more flexibility and reliability for Atlas Copco’s customers.

The introduction of two new models in the popular midsize segment gives customers more freedom to choose an NGP+ nitrogen generator that meets their exact specifications. The NGP 160+ and NGP 200+ offer 46-313 Nm³/h and 58-393 Nm³/h (depending on the selected purity) respectively. The generators deliver the most value when tailored to customer needs in terms of gas quality, purity, and capacity. This new range extension has provided the opportunity to create that value.

Atlas Copco announces two new models and added advanced features in its premium mid-size NGP+ nitrogen generators range

New options bring increased flexibility to all midsize NGP+ models, such as a low ambient temperature setting that allows customers to install the NGP+ outside (in a covered area) to withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees C/14 degrees F. Because floor space is at a premium in many production facilities, the option of covered outdoor installation can be an important issue for many customers. Other new added options include a room oxygen alarm, plus the capability to produce ultra-dry nitrogen.

Today’s midsize NGP+ models feature the state-of-the-art Elektronikon® Touch controller with easy gas purity selection and advanced connectivity options. The Elektronikon Touch optimises the NGP+’s performance and continuously measures gas purity to protect customers’ production processes. It also monitors the feed air in order to safeguard the integrity of the generator’s adsorbent capability.

What has not changed within the enhanced NGP+ range is its industry-leading low total cost of ownership. The nitrogen generator and its software are designed to utilise its premium Carbon Molecular Sieve adsorbent with maximum efficiency in order to ensure minimal air consumption per unit of nitrogen generated.

In addition, the NGP+ comes with a number of valued features, such as the Variable Cycle Saver (VCS) algorithm. This feature optimises the PSA cycle during lower demand, and in colder operating temperatures, to allow users to gain up to 40% additional energy savings. The generators’ stand-by mode is also designed to avoid energy waste.

Overall, Atlas Copco’s NGP+ best-in-class nitrogen generators offer a guaranteed nitrogen purity at the lowest energy cost combined with a superior level of reliability and flexibility.

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