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At Chillventa 2022 – Hall 7A-310, Sanhua will present many new and innovative solutions for OEMs, installers, and products for the following applications: Heat Pumps, complete range of products like Uni-polar EEV + Driver, four-way valve SHF-G for R744, MCHE & BPHE, Mini Pressure Switches, Compressor Inverters & Pressure Sensors.

At Chillventa 2022, Sanhua will present many new and innovative solutions
  • Transport: Solenoid valve subassembly, four-way valve SHF-G, eDual controller.
  • Air-Conditioning: economiser subassembly for R32 for Chillers, etc.

Food Retail with wide range of new solutions:

New SANHUA Refrigerated cabinet controller SEC R03 series
SEC R03 series cabinet controller, with MD remote display, is focused on the application of food retail display cabinets, and provides advantages in terms of efficiency, competitivity, and reliability of your refrigeration cabinet with easy installation.

The controller manages various functions such as cabinet temperature, defrosting, fan, lighting, and defogging alarm, which can be said to handle the control needs of the entire freezer.

SECR03 is available with a remote display MD01-R4 which is used to set the many parameters.

SANHUA cost-effective ‘plug n play’ EEV+Driver solution
OEMs manufacturing CO2-based solutions for commercial refrigeration and HVAC applications can now take advantage of a new cost-effective EEV solution from SANHUA. Complete with SANHUA VSD technology, the solution provides compatibility with selected third-party case controllers.

The solution comprises the new SANHUA VSD2010P driver and the company’s LPF-D series unipolar stepper motor EEV (electronic expansion valve). SANHUA’s innovative LPF-D EEV (500 steps) ensures a reliable solutions for CO2 installations with design pressures up to 60 bar. The driver features an integrated supercapacitor and uses the 0-10 VDC output signal from the superheat controller to drive the VSD2010P.

R744 is widespread use as a replacement for R134a and R404A in ultra-low, low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. SANHUA’s innovative new solution can help simplify the transition process thanks to its ‘plug n play’ functionality.

SANHUA developed the latest generation of inverter, supporting scroll and rotary technologies, which is compatible with flammable refrigerants (including A2L and A3 type), for HVAC-R application.

MCHE OPTIFLOW combines two heat exchangers one. In systems that required two sets of heat exchangers in the past, right now only one set of OPTIFLOW heat exchangers can meet its heat exchange requirements.

SANHUA’s offer for many refrigerants, including R290 & CO2, includes a wide range of components for sub-critical and trans-critical applications. These include pressure transmitters, ball valves, check valves and more. SANHUA is the world’s largest EEV manufacturer, supplying more than 40 million EEVs to the refrigeration, automotive, heat pump and AC industries every year. SANHUA customers can rely on adaptive production capacity, continuous deliveries, and stock availability.


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