Altus Power and Link Logistics, operator of logistics real estate assets, announced plans to build and operate a portfolio of rooftop community solar projects to serve approximately 10,000 residential customers throughout the state of New Jersey.

Altus Power and Link Logistics each have a long-standing presence in New Jersey and together are proud to take part in the New Jersey Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. When completed, the projects will generate approximately 35 MW of power and will allocate at least 51% of the clean energy generated to historically underserved communities in the state. The projects will be rooftop-based solar systems located on Link Logistics’ commercial and industrial facilities across New Jersey and will also include electric vehicle charging stations at each facility.

“Altus has been serving public and private customers in New Jersey with solar-generated electricity since 2011 and we look forward to serving the state’s residential customers with our community solar program as well. We are particularly pleased to grow our rooftop solar and electric vehicle charging portfolio and to increase the value of our solar assets by providing ancillary benefits for real estate owners and the greater community,” said Lars Norell, co-CEO of Altus Power.

News item from Altus Power

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