The S10 robot vacuum cleaner from 360 looks very cool. Unlike most other robot vacuums, the 360 S10 does not have a LIDAR module on the top of the unit. Instead, it has a round window on the top of the device with what looks like a fish-eye lens in it.

This smooth top of the device means that, at 3.35 inches high, the robot can reach to sweep under objects that would stop other robots.

However, the 360 S10 does have LIDAR — but it is hidden inside the body of the unit. The LIDAR sensors are at the sides and the front of the unit and do work well producing an accurate map of the area.

When the robot is in use, the fisheye lens window has a hypnotic rotating blue light that is compelling to watch — but completely unnecessary. Presumably, this is the LIDAR scanning for object height to avoid going under items that will trap the robot.

It avoids obstacles in its way like slippers and shoes, so you do not have to go and rescue them from another part of the house.

I have hardly ever had to rescue the S10 from a threshold, under a radiator, or when it has become entangled in a USB cable I have forgotten to clear up.

360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner review 2-in1 sweeping and mopping with a great app and 3D mapping zdnet

Eileen Brown

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The S10 is quiet too in use — at 60dB when in quiet mode — and has four modes of suction depending on the amount of dirt and dust you have. It is rated at 3300Pa, which puts it amongst the most powerful robot vacuum on the market at the moment.

It has a large 5,000mAh battery, so it is unlikely to return to the dock before it has finished its clean. 360 says that the robot will operate for at least three hours before needing a recharge. I tried to run the battery down but could clean the space at least three times before the S10 returned to charge.

Unlike the 360 S5 and S9 models, connecting to the app from the S10 was a breeze. The company has obviously invested a lot of time and effort in making the app connection simple.

The app also has some good features, too. You can add all of the Wi-Fi networks in your space so that the robot will never lose connectivity with the app and switch automatically between networks as it cleans.

The robot will map the area in both 2D and 3D – a very cool feature. The 3D map can be rotated and you can zoom in to an area.

It gives a good representation of the walls and objects in the space. You can save multiple versions of the map so you can use the robot on different floors in your space without it needing to rescan the area.

The S10 also identifies which areas are carpeted or have rugs, and which areas have hard floors.

It notes the different areas on the map and will increase suction as it crosses onto a carpeted area.

The 360 S10 has a large 500ml on-board dustbin, which has a nifty way of emptying.

Just push the button when the bin is over the trash can, and the bottom of the dustbin releases to drip the dirt into the trash can.

360 S10 robot vacuum cleaner review 2-in1 sweeping and mopping with a great app and 3D mapping zdnet

Eileen Brown

Some robots have a fiddly mechanism to empty the dust, which can involve you wrenching the dust bin and missing the trash can as the dust scatters everywhere. I do like this easy-empty feature.

I do find the onboard voice annoying. If you manually start the robot it announces “Cleaning makes me happy!” in a cheery voice. This is the most cheerful, smiling voice in any robot I have ever tested.

I expect it to chirpily announce “Have a nice day” with that lilting inflection you sometimes hear in stores.

I found myself talking to the S10 more often — mainly telling it to shut up. You can of course turn off the voice in the app by adjusting its volume to zero.

The mopping function is actually rather good for daily washing of floors that are not too dirty, but if you need to scrub the floors then this mop will not be adequate for your needs.

It wipes over the surface with a mop that does not vibrate. I always wet the cloth before I start the robot to make sure that it cleans the area from the start.

You can specify different levels of water through the app, and the 520ml water tank is good to clean your whole space. The dirt appears to be evenly spread across the entire cloth indicating even pressure on the floor.

All in all, the 360 S10 2-in-1 mopping and sweeping robot vacuum has some really neat features, a comprehensive app, and voice integration with your voice assistant.

At $555 for the vacuum and accessory kit, the 360 S10 is a bargain for Early Bird shoppers on Indiegogo. If you want a fully featured, multi-purpose robot vacuum with a good app, the 360 S10 should definitely be on your shortlist.

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