The Connection with Sudan’s Banking Revolution

There’s always a reason and purpose behind what has been written here, which pertains to a cursory review of Oracle’s financial services and products when it becomes a partner with SourceItRight. SourceItRight has been actively engaged in the forging of partnership with other similar-minded and tech-savvy companies such as Oracle,prepared to help Sudan in its bid for economic recovery and sustainable development future.

Oracle Financial Services

We will begin this article with the question: Why would anyone choose the financial services available at Oracle when other high-tech companies also supplysimilar services to customers? The answer is simple and straightforward. They provide the very best of services, and they intend to keep it that way for many more years to come.
And it’s not hearsay because Oracle can vouch for its delivery of top-notch financial services by winning impressive awards and public accolades for their outstanding achievements.

Award Highlights
The awards notched up by Oracle feature the following financial services:

  • Its financial tech solutions have fetched the top 3 awards as the leading products in the industry.
  • It rightly bagged the top 3 awards for its “in Risk Tech 100” in 2020.
  • Touted as the best top 17 Solutions Provider of the Year in the AsiaRisk awards for 2020.
  • Captured the Excellent Awards for Health Policy Administration Systems Greatest Breath of Functionality in2020.
  • Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Life Insurance Systems.
  • Leader of End-to-End Corporate Banking Solutions.

Financial Software Solutions
Not to be found sitting on its laurels and be content and complacent by its awards and public acclaim, Oracle kept pushing and ultimately found more success in its financial software Solutions,especially in Retail and Corporate Banking.

Retail Banking
Allsolutions that Oracle can offer in this banking sector are empowering, enriching, and even more important, satisfying to customers. We base them on an easy-to-navigate principle, with total interaction, and even provide customers with multi-channel capabilities.
The customer experience has never been easier and simple to live with the availability of Oracle’s financial software solutions. It’s not all about a tedious trip to the bank every day, but simple clicking actions on a desk in the workplace, a coffee table somewhere in town, or during a jog in the park! Yes,it’s definitely empowering for anyone.

Cooperate Banking
This is even more amazing where real-time access is possible for financial options such as liquidity info and even more rapid corporate lending alternatives. Your clients get updated information in a twinkling of an eyelash, not only in an instant but also intensely accurate and right at their fingertips at any time they need it. Fabulous!
What about your clients’ way over the other side of the country or abroad even? This is where Oracle’s financial Software Solutions also excel because these clients can also live the experience of instantaneous numerical data, content, and any other banking information needed on the spot. And incidentally, they can also access info on retail banking. That’s how empowering, and convenient Oracle’s innovative financial technology solutions engage itself with its customers.
And if you think that that’s where Oracle’s wonders end, you’d be dead wrong because the company’s outreach stretches to the insurance sector as well. Here is where all the other experiences are further enhanced and where operational efficiency soars. The concept of free-flying reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction from a feeling of being pampered.

Critically Essential Capability Features
Yes, and it doesn’t all end there either because in a busy, buzzing society like ours, there are bound to be those exceptionally critical areas that must be given complete focus, so we shift focus now to Risk and Finance as well as Financial Crime and Compliance.

Risk and Finance
Here is where you are enabled to pool your risks, finances, regulations, and compliance as well as customer data on one single data model, which can only be the best of the best for referrals andappropriate action to take, which of course translates into compliance.

Financial Crime and Compliance
Everything will be at your fingertips, and all you need to know is to click the right button that connects with the right app, and off you go. With a simple click,you’ll be able to monitor, investigate, detect or identify the source of the danger and report the financial crime you’ve uncovered. Here’s where intelligent tools take over the action interspersed with your clicking actions to adapt the viewing with the unfolding real-time event.

Digital Banking
Here is where you really get immersed in executing digital strategies and the active usage of Oracle’s financial tech solutions at your own pace and, of course, at the scale you wish to operate your digital banking activity. Here too, a customer will operate as a freelancer does in a real-time experience of conducting transactions with a client and deposit earned income in some offshore banking platform thousands of miles away. It’s a colossal experience, and Oracle can also provide this type of service.

Universal Banking
This initiative represents the core of a global futuristic digital banking system. It’s here that the acceleration of digital transformation from local to a universal type banking approach. In turn, the transformation will trigger and energize business activities and make way for the forging of partnerships that will translate into an all-around maximum efficiency.

Revenue Management and Billing
Last but surely not least is Oracle’s aptitude for maximizing revenue opportunities. This is the hub where the inflow of earnings begins and usually ends up in the bank vaults of cooperatingcompanies or hungry banking monoliths that act as depositories for the income flow. You will access the data and produce accurate and transparent pricing and billing results. From this,you’ll be better able to manage your company’s revenue drivers and amplify your customer relation profile, which is the real driver of all income earnings, profits, and investments for future development.
With the above-mentioned financial services that Oracle can offer in Sudan’s economic and social struggle (the political struggle already won), Oracle can also partner with its top-quality products to augment efforts in the struggle. We discussed these products below to highlight the value and impact they will have on Sudan’s economic and social inboth current and future contexts.

In a nutshell, when all the above financial services are pooled together into a conglomeration of a myriad of services for the benefit of consumers or banking patrons, it can be said that the bottom line is total satisfaction by customers for the outstanding services they’d receive.

Oracle Banking Products

The banking products that Oracle will bring to the partnership with SourceItRight comprise seven major sectors as listed below:

  • Corporate Banking
  • Payments
  • Universal Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Customer Communications Management
  • Asset Finance
  • Investor Servicing

Themost extensive and most involved products are the three banking arms of Oracle, Corporate Banking, Universal Banking, and Retail Banking. These banking sectors, especially Corporate Banking, feature most of the cash and lending management portfoliosthat include other financial operations such as process management, accounting, analytics, and others.

This is the largest sectorthat would serve well in Sudan, where it’s expected a large influx of banking institutions will shortly make their presence felt, making competition tough that would result in keeping banking costs at a minimum. The sheer range of products and services these three banking sectors provide would add efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction to banking operations and activities throughout Sudan.
Thethree otherCommunications Management, Asset Financing, and Investor Financing sectors will add value to the banking environment with efficient high tech consumer communications and leasing and lending facilities to customers in Sudan. Additionally, investor servicing would be made available for Sudan’s customers and act as a precursor to further investment opportunities that would have the effect of sustaining long-term development, a much-needed development driver in Sudan.
Rightly so the last but not least of the sectors, Payments is such a common and integral part of financial transactions that offers tons of anticipatory satisfaction to customers who will naturally flock to a banking operative get and enjoy their piece of wealth and anticipated satisfaction for the things needed and wanted in this life, no less so in Sudan.

With an impeccable partnership looming on the horizon between SourceItRight and Oracle, it’s a forgone conclusion that Sudan is located at the very center of a development and banking revolution which the country has never before witnessed or experienced. Without a doubt, with superbly equipped benefactors about to converge on this once dilapidated country,there’s nothing ahead but anticipated jubilation and total satisfaction as they watch their country rise from the ashes of decadence right before their very eyes.