Microsoft CSP Global Partner & Reseller

The Microsoft cloud provider partner, partnership will effectively help SourceItRight manage the customer lifecycle. The organization ensures a high level of data privacy and security while ensuring compliance with the statutory regulations to facilitate sound business practices. Partnering with Microsoft will benefit more access to resources, tools, programs, and connections. The significance of the partnership is that SourceItRight will be able to access product tools during the provision, management, and support of all the customer subscriptions. Ideally, due to the complex nature and rampant changes in the technology marketplace, the customers desire to attain a competitive edge that is best achieved through the right technology solution. Hence, due to such circumstances, SourceItRight will engage in a partnership engagement that will bring more efficiency to the customers and enable them to do more. Microsoft cloud offers the right resources that ensure faster solutions are given to the customers.
The partnership will also ensure more involvement in the customer’s business, aligning all the operations to improve customer satisfaction. The products from the partner will enable control over the customer’s spending and develop usage estimations. There is also a real-time consumption overview of cloud services. The innovation further helps overcome billing complexity due to the highly automated invoicing that makes it possible to choose multiple charge types and models. Products such as office 365 will aid in the mastering of the tools needed for teamwork and business insights. The windows packages allow the integration of secure windows, adding it to the unparalleled range of products. Dynamics 365 enables enterprise resource planning capabilities. Surface devices are precisely developed from the best of the Microsoft ecosystem to meet the needs of modern businesses. The partnership also comes with high-level flexibility and choices to select.