Implementation of a well-designed master plan leads to momentous results in business. However, it is challenging to change a running operation even when the objectives are clear. The people involved may not have the experience to drive it or track the follow-up activities. At SourceItRight, we help our clients implement projects through the Project Management Office (PMO), business process audit and development, analyst, managers, and executives’ support. 

Project Management Office (PMO)

Implementing a new strategy in a running business operation is quite challenging. SourceItRight is a team of problem solvers, and we help companies manage this process from project change management to execution. We define the tasks and goals for the internal teams of our clients. We can also help set up  governance strategies, track progress, and coordinate activities. We will ensure your project is within budget, meets deadlines and quality expectations.


  • Developing a master plan.
  • Development of a well-defined project strategy.
  • Project governance strategy, development, and managing internal teams.
  • Coordinating and tracking the implementation activities.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Project management handover.

Business process audit and development

We help identify and tailor our solutions using a three-step process. First, we analyze the existing systems and find any bottlenecks. The next step is to consult with all stakeholders and develop a master plan that solves our client’s needs. Last, we implement a solution and continuously fine-tune it to achieve the greatest possible benefits. 

  • Audit the existing process.
  • Identifying any bottlenecks.
  • Develop a master plan.
  • Implementation and training.

On-hire analyst support

It is difficult for companies to mobilize additional resources when implementing a new process in a volatile and dynamic climate. SourceItRight provides on-hire consultants and analysts that work with our client’s existing teams to facilitate a seamless transfer once the solution has been implemented. Through this, our clients can quickly mobilize more resources when working on a new project. Our analysts are flexible, they can work on-site or remotely, facilitating the handover process when the contract ends.


  • Consultants and analysts.
  • Project implementation support.
  • Remote help.
  • Data analysis experts.

On-hire managers and executives’ support

Companies that are expanding or experiencing a crisis require experienced leadership. We have professionals and project managers with various sales, finance, technology, and marketing skills. Our on-hire professionals work with the existing management teams and assist with on-site skill transfer and project management.


  • Project managers.
  • Temporary replacements.
  • Senior executives.
  • Implementation services.

The world has become more interconnected because of technology. This has made it easier for small and large businesses to operate and expand their market bases. At SourceItRight, we keep up with the latest trends so we can offer tailor-made solutions. We pride ourselves in helping a wide variety of clients from start-ups to large corporations, government and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) with their day-to-day operations. 

Our Innovation Services Cover:

SMEs Innovation

SourceItRight offers SMEs technology that beefs up security, stores data safely, and lighting and electricity solutions. These allow business owners to operate without the fear of theft or cyber-crime and focus on activities that increase profits.

Services for Corporations and Start-ups

  • Providing security systems.
  • Provide efficient data storage systems.
  • Preventing data and identity theft.
  • Reduce the risk of cyber-crimes.
  • Installation of solar panels and backup power.
  • Provide education on how to manage security systems.

Corporate Innovation

Technology evolves every day, and any solution must be able to respond to new challenges. Many corporations do not keep up with changes that may help them increase their bottom line. At SourceItRight, we offer innovative technologies that enable our clients to be competitive, whether locally or globally. We offer a variety of services from workshops, building prototypes, and testing ideas.

Services for Corporation 

  • Consulting on the latest technology and trends.
  • Provide training.
  • Data storage and security technology.
  • Provide state-of-the-art security systems.

Growth and Development

At the heart of any SME or large corporation is growth and development. We contribute to this by offering data security and management, allowing them to enter new markets.

Services under Growth and Development

  • Provide technical support to track new market trends. 
  • Widening the market scope, locally and globally.
  • Providing technology to keep up with new products and services.

How we do it

We stay up to date with the latest trends in innovative and sustainable technologies. As a result, we can design and test prototypes with an emphasis on further innovation. Our team works around the clock to identify technologies that work best for small start-ups and large corporations as different businesses have different needs. All of our solutions are tailor-made for each client.


Technology can improve efficiency, although it can be costly. At SourceItRight, we understand this and work with our clients to help them find a solution that meets their needs and stays within their budget. We can provide financing alternatives when necessary or flexible payment plans. This includes getting funds from various third-party organizations.

Our Funding Services Cover:

Program Funding

SourceItRight helps companies and government entities prepare proposals. We know the importance of technology and the benefits it brings for our clients. Also, we offer guarantees that vary depending on the product offered. SourceItRight has experience with a wide range of projects, such as installing security systems and computers in hospitals, universities, and banks.

Services under Program Funding

  • Preparation of proposals.
  • Adjusting them if needed.
  • Reviewing the application.
  • Providing alternatives and payment plans.
  • Preparation of budgets.
  • Development of the project and outsourcing.

Debt Financing Programs

We can help our clients find financing to cover the costs of installation. This can be local or international banks and non-governmental organizations. However, the first step is working with the client, finding their needs, drafting a final budget, and then explore financing. For social projects, this includes NGOs, government, or other donors. We can suggest the best avenue for loans with for-profit solutions, whether it be banks or other funding programs.

Services under Debt Financing Programs Include:

  • Assistance with negotiations.
  • Identifying potential sources of funds.
  • Analysis.

Discount Pricing

When two related companies need a similar solution or if the project is done on a large scale, we can offer clients discounts to reduce their costs. 

International and US Federal Government Funding

We also help clients write applications that enable them to receive funding from governments such as the US, DFID or EU. We do this through:

  • Identify government funding programs.
  • Develop the project idea.
  • Preparation of the application and budget.

How we do it

When a company approaches us about a project, we map resources and stakeholders to explore the best strategies and approaches. After that, we will discuss a budget and financing if needed. These can be flexible and include loans or payment plans. Our goal is to provide clients with state-of-the-art technology that keeps up with the continually changing world.


Research is an instrumental tool that drives critical organizational activities and decision-making, such as qualitative and quantitative market surveys. SourceItRight evaluates data derived from online sources, CAPI, CATI, and other focus organizations. This objective research enables firms and establishments to understand their clients’ needs and provide appropriate responses. SourceItRight is at the center of this and can enhance the client’s experience. 


SourceItRight’s research is aimed at gathering client’s feedback concerning new products. This is done by using non-users as a subgroup. This strategy enables SourceItRight to assess the potential shortcomings of the products being evaluated. The research services include emphasizing the SourceItRight brand, advertising, and expanding market segments. Other services offered by SourceItRight are field observations, qualitative studies, and innovative testing and tuning. They also carry out store analysis to ensure that every product is available and well-positioned. 

SourceItRight Attitude Research

Other data sources are attitude studies that collect essential feedback from consumers and business customers. SourceItRight achieves this by applying research with qualitative and quantitative analysis. SourceItRight attitude research services include brand awareness and image studies that involve segmentation of motivational values and organizational behaviors. Attitude research services identify customer needs, as they are reliable sources of information when combined with field observations. 

Public Policy Research

SourceItRight’s research analyzes the best global practices. We use these methods to assess and evaluate social transformations and their effects. SourceItRight Ltd uses these strategies in the formulation of projection tools to carry out a cost-effective assessment. This public research service entails analyzing and requesting registry data, visiting sites, observing the daily operation, documenting the public policy normative, and documentation development. 

SourceItRight evaluates the market from different dimensions, such as competition, market size, and conditions. We use statistical analysis, desk research, and interviews in the field to achieve this goal. SourceItRight has various research outlets in Sudan, MENA, the US and an integrated interviewers’ network. 


We can assess various interventions and policy reforms. These activities include international cohesion regulations and impact assessment of various government regulations on multiple projects. SourceItRight evaluation services include ex-post evaluation, and monitoring with an emphasis on results, regulatory impact assessment, and ex-ante assessments.  

Digital Transformation Consultancy 

The connection between SourceItRight processes and the digital infrastructure is vital for its success. We assist our clients by offering consulting services to keep them up to date with current global trends. This is done by taking advantage of Big Data. SourceItRight’s digital processes begin with an audit of digital and dataset frameworks. We start by evaluating the current user journey and the end-to-end interfaces. Our staff has expertise with infrastructure developments to help with the quick analysis of data. 

Digital strategy and transformation

SourceItRight uses technology to advise with the transformation of organizational processes. We analyze current and future clients by adapting new and existing products and services appropriately. SourceItRight’s digital strategy and transformation services offer an approach in designing, auditing, and guiding the client’s journey. With the end-to-end format, creative and innovative management, we apply the SourceItRight channel approach. 

Web and Mobile Development

For us to understand the demands of our users, SourceItRight prioritizes behavioral research and workshops. The reason for this analysis is to minimize the possibility of usability issues. Therefore, we can create custom software that ensures there is proper integration with other firms. This includes user journey mapping, interactive prototyping, and the development of custom software. Other forms of web and mobile development are established by integrating data applications and applying QA (Quality Assurance). 

Client Data Analysis Segmentation and Pricing

SourceItRight helps firms identify internal data gaps. It also focuses on data for various business establishments and helps them achieve their forecasted results. We orient our services towards enhancing client’s offerings and increasing customer loyalty. SourceItRight’s solutions include information analytics, pricing, and segmentation. This is done by conducting an audit on the quality of data, cleanup of the company’s databases, and issuing intelligence reports on the business dashboard. Other services aim at maintaining the relevant KPT, visualization of data, and generation of insight.