Cardlogix Sudan & South Sudan Exclusive Distributor
CardLogix Corporationis identified as a globalorganization that is one of the significant providers of card technology platforms that ensures data security and value on the different networks in the world. It has also built a reputation for high quality, security, and reliability.As a result, all the transactions are structured to be effortless and secure. The partner also works closely with hardware manufacturers, system integrators, and solution providers to develop complete identity and transaction infrastructures. The essential products from CardLogix include smart cards, biometric systems, software, and other components that will facilitate identity, data security in any transaction. When it comes to the cards developed, they are custom built from a wide range of choice materials and artwork to meet the customers’ needs. CardLogix offers card technology platforms that make it easy to secure digital identity.
The vast provision of services such as graphic design in the card artwork and security graphics, chip programming, and the customization of the software improves the efficiency in business transactions.In software development,CardLogix offers the type of development tools and configuration utilities that will effectively work for software engineers, Information technology experts, and developers. The company also provides card applications that best suit the clients’ needs. Due to the insightful capability and performance of CardLogix, that is in line with the goals of SourceItRight. A partnership with CardLogix brings the incredible potential tocontribute to Sudan’s current and future targeted transformation.SourceItRight will use this partnership as one of the rare opportunities to provide a summarized version of the leadingproducts and services. By distributing the cards on behalf of CardLogix as a business partner,there will be a high potential for business expansion.